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E-Mu Emulator II KONTAKT

Kontakt Library
There were several secrets to the EII’s success, and central to these was the sound. At a time when sample memory was worth its weight in platinum, the EII managed a clever collaboration of 8-bit sample depth (keeping the memory footprint manageable) and very advanced, musical-sounding convertors which companded those 8 bits of data into the equivalent of a 12-bit output. This nifty bit of digital trickery made the EII more responsive and better-sounding than should have been possible given the limitations of the bit depth. 

E-Mu Emulator II KONTAKT 
  • 31,700 individual samples
  • 33Gb original 24-bit
  • 2.4Gb compressed .ncw format
  • 541 individual instruments, consisting of:
  • 14 Bass, 18 Bells & Chimes
  • 52 Brass, 51 Drums
  • 59 Ethnic & Folk, 8 FX
  • 36 Guitar, 38 Piano & Keys
  • 77 Orchestral, 41 Percussion
  • 61 Strings, 76 Synth, 12 Vocal
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